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Roof Cleaning

Whether you have barrel tile or asphalt shingles, one of the most common detractors from the curb appeal of a home is a dirty roof. As such, there is no easier way to dramatically improve and maintain the attractiveness of your home than to keep the roof properly cleaned. It’s a fact most buying decisions are based on the look of the property, having a clean and bright roof brings much needed attention to a property listing than a dirty one. But here is a question, ARE those dark streaks that you see on your roof, is it really dirt?

It’s Not Old, It’s MOLD!!

That’s right, those dark areas your see on your roof are not always areas of dirt it’s mold and algae and besides looking bad, over time these pests damage the shingles on your roof, reducing their effectiveness and an cause an increase in your power bill. Algee, and mold can destroy your roof over time. Being proactive about combating this threat and getting a roof cleaning is a good idea. The premature degradation of roof shingles by these agents can cost you thousands to replace. Moss, Mold, and Algee can cause an increase in your power bill by making your home hotter in the summer period. They absorb sunlight keeping and trapping heat on your roof causing your AC to work harder to cool your house in the summer. Moss in particular, if no roof cleaning takes place, can expose the plywood below the roof by growing under it and slowly raising the shingle. Our Roof Cleaning Services can pressure clean these unsightly pests from your roof and even pressure wash the side of your homes.

Roof Cleaning Done By The Experts

Roof cleaning should only be performed by specialist who know how to effectively clean your roof without causing damage to the structure. The professionals at ASC Pressure Washing have years of experience cleaning roofs all across Miami, we can get your roof shining like new before you know it! Our professional staff works safely to remove these blemishes from your home as quickly as we can. Our Roof Cleaning services leave homes looking clean and aesthetically pleasing. This can help a home when it comes time to sell. Cleaner homes get more attention than sloppy, run down, dirty homes.

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Roof Cleaning

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