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Poolside & Patio Cleaning

If there is anything that Floridians love, it’s being outside. If you own a home in South Florida chances are you either have a pool or a patio, and they get used….ALOT! Like all surface that see a lot of traffic, poolsides and patios can either add to or detract from the beauty of your home.

Keep Your Pool Area Safe…

Because the poolside area is frequently under water detractors like¬†mold, mildew and fungus can grow very rapidly. This, in turn, can make your poolside very slippery and dangerous as well as unsightly. Having your poolside cleaned regularly, not just during the summer months, will ensure that the areas stays bright, clean, inviting and safe! Our¬†Poolside & Patio Cleaning services won’t take long and can be done in a few hours thanks to our professional staff and our equipment.

…And Your Patio Clean

Because patio’s are often surrounded by the yard, they capture a lot of dirt from underneath our feet, not too mention spills from the BBQ, and water overflowing from the roof, etc. If the surface of your patio is not cleaned regularly it will show and not in a good way. Having ASC Pressure Washing clean your poolside & patio on a regular basis is the best way to guarantee that you will continue to enjoy your backyard for years to come!

Seal In A Fresh Appearance For Your Patio

After your patio is cleaned by ASC Pressure Washing you can lock in that fresh, vibrant appearance by having a sealant applied directly to your patio. Besides locking in the clean and neat appearance, when you have your patio sealed you actually help protect the underlying concrete from the elements that would erode the surface and also prevent future stains from occurring. Your concrete will thank you by looking great and lasing much longer!

How Oftern Should You Have Your Patio Sealed?

The answer will depend greatly on how much traffic your patio sees as well as it’s exposure to the elements, but here in South Florida it is recommended that your seal and reseal your patio annually to prevent damage to the concrete and extend the life of your patio.

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