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Paver Stone Cleaning

Pavers are a common sight in Miami. It’s not uncommon to see sidewalks, walkways or driveways created from pavers and for good reason. Beautiful hardscapes can be created for your home using paver stones. But no matter if your pavers are made from brick, stamped concrete or even natural stone their appearance can dull over time or even disappear. If neglected for long enough, the paver stone itself can degrade to the point that your only option is to replace all of your pavers!

Keep Your Pavers Beautiful For A Long Time

Regular Paver Stone Cleaning is key to extending the life of your paver stones. Pavers will get dirty from natural contaminants and weeds and moss will grow in the joint, however paver cleaning from an experienced professional, like ASC Pressure Washing, can kill the weeds and remove any stains to restore the surface of your pavers to like new condition. Our paver cleaning service gets out even the toughest oil and rust stains without damaging the surface of your pavers.

Protect Your Pavers By Sealing Them In

After your paver hardscapes are cleaned by ASC Pressure Washing it is highly recommended that you lock in the colorful, vibrant appearance by having a sealant applied to your pavers. Besides locking in the clean and neat appearance, when you have your pavers sealed you actually help protect them from the elements that would erode their appearance, prevent future stains from occurring and prevent weeds from growing. With paver sealing and resealing your pavers will maintain their like new appearance year after year.

How Often Should You Have Your Pavers Sealed?

The answer will depends on how much traffic your pavers sees, the type of traffic (foot versus vehicular) as well as their exposure to the elements, but here in South Florida it is recommended that your seal and reseal your pavers at least annually to prevent damage to them and to get the maximum life out of your pavers!

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Paver Stone Cleaning

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