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Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

Your home is surrounded by concrete. Driveways, walkways and sidewalks all add to the curb appeal of your home….when they are clean and bright. Over time, the build up of dirt and stains such as oil, rust and even decomposing leaves, can turn a once bright surface into a dull and dirty eyesore. If your home is surrounded by dirty sidewalks and a stained driveway it really detracts from the home, no matter how clean it is.

Fight The Ugly Buildup

Because of the frequency of use and the climate here in Miami, once bright driveways and sidewalks tends to dull very quickly as dirt and even fungus and mold grow everywhere, but you are not helpless to do nothing. Call ASC Pressure Washing. Our driveway and sidewalk cleaning service utilizes special techniques and the talents of individuals who have years of experience. We know how to remove even the toughest, sun-baked stain out of your driveway or sidewalk leaving behind a brilliantly clean surface that will enhance the curb appeal of your home!

Seal In A Fresh Appearance For Your Driveway

After your driveway is cleaned by ASC Pressure Washing you have the opportunity to lock in that vibrant appearance by having a sealant applied directly to your driveway. Besides locking in the clean and neat appearance, when you have your driveway sealed you actually help protect the concrete from the elements that would erode the surface and also prevent future stains from occurring. Your concrete will thank you by looking great and lasing much longer.

How Oftern Should You Have Your Driveway Sealed?

The answer will depend greatly on how much traffic your driveway sees as well as it’s exposure to the elements, but here in South Florida it is recommended that your seal and reseal your driveway annually to prevent damage to the concrete and extend the life of your driveway!

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Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

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