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Drive-Thru Pressure Washing

While the drive thru is synonymous with fast food, here in Miami-Dade many businesses use the drive thru as a way to interact with their customers. Banks, dry cleaners and even convenience stores all use drive thrus to offer fast and easy service to their customers. But because these areas are heavily used by cars, they tend to get real dirty, real fast! Customers and potential customers who use your drive thru get their impression of the cleanliness of you and your business from the condition of your drive thru. That is a powerful motivation to keep it as clean as possible!

Expert Drive Thru Cleaning

Restoring your drive thru to pristine condition is not something that can be done by just anyone. The unique mixture of grime, gum, engine oil, gas, spilled drinks and food that has been baking in the hot sun all day doesn’t come off easy, unless your ASC Pressure Washing. ASC’s Drive-Thru Pressure Washing service can power clean the surface of the Drive-Thru to remove all of the grime and gunk that builds up over time.  Our drive thru pressure washing experts have years of experience removing these type of stains and transforming drive thrus into clean, welcoming environments that you can be proud of!

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Drive Thru Cleaning

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

  • Gum Removal
  • Oil Removal
  • Dirt & Grime Removal
  • Curb Cleaning
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