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Deck & Fence Cleaning

Outdoor wooden structures such as decks and fences can really enhance the beauty and value of your property. But here in Miami decks & fences take a beating. Rain, rain, rain and a scorching sun can turn a once rich looking wooden finish into an ashy grey and green eyesore. The daily wet/dry cycle that we experience here in South Florida will cause the cells of the wood itself to collapse making the wood crack and split. Over time all wood based items degrade if not maintained. In some cases the deck/fence will need to be pressure cleaned due to build up that manifests on the wood or residual sealers. Decks most of all need Deck Cleaning services, due to their utility and use. In addition to the elements the outdoor deck deals with human traffic. We walk all over the deck, can cook and barbecue on our deck, we even entertain our friends and lounge on the deck. This fact alone can make Deck Cleaning a necessity. As for fences they see much less human interaction.

Clean & Protect Your Deck & Fence

If you deck or fence doesn’t look like it use to then it’s time to call ASC Pressure Washing. Our deck & fence cleaning service can restore the rich color and improve the overall structure of the wood leaving it ready to be stained and protected. Having your deck and fence cleaned and stained by ASC Pressure Washing is the easiest way to make sure that you will get years of enjoyment from your deck and fence. Our Deck and Fence Cleaning Service operates in a few well executed steps that will only take a couple hours. When complete your Deck & Fence will have a renewed look and life. This can save you some money as you won’t have to remove and reinstall a completely new Deck and/or Fence.

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Deck & Fence Cleaning

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