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ASC Pressure Washing Services is an exterior Pressure Cleaning company we specialize in Pressure Washing services (also know as Power Washing or Pressure Cleaning). We have Pressure Cleaned roofs, patios, poolsides, concrete, decks, fences, boats, parking lots, store fronts, driveways, walkways, commercial buildings and even the Drive-thru at fast food restaurants. If you have anything that needs to be power washed due to hard stains, oil, or tough mold give us a call and schedule a time for our Pressure Washing Services. High pressure cleaning systems like ours cut stains and mold at the source forcing them off the surface. The effect is similar to scrubbing only our process uses high pressure water cleaning. It’s quicker and less abrasive to the surface than traditional scrubbing or scraping. It’s also a lot less harmful to the environment than chemicals. Hard/Heavy Chemical roof cleaning for example can leave a powerful chemical residue on your roof. During the process and even after the chemical process is complete runoff from the roof may flow off your roof (though your gutter) onto your lawn. This can kill or harm plant life the look of your roof may be clean but your garden and yard may be ruined. Plants get discolored, shrubs can die, and worse yet the chemicals may get on you the same way they got on your plants. Your roof may also be affected depending on the chemicals used. Some Hard Chemical roof cleaning systems use corrosive/ acidic elements to them.  These elements can attack the screws and the nails placed on the roof causing them to pre-maturely rust or remove their weather protective layer leaving them exposed to the elements where they will quickly degrade.

Our team is quick and very professional taking up very little of your time while we work. Typically we can be done cleaning in few hours leaving your space looking better than new. ASC Pressure Washing Services is a division of American Structural Corporate servicing Miami Dade and Broward Counties and dedicated to providing the highest level of quality workmanship available.

We at ASC also are committed to offering prompt, courteous, and professional pressure washing services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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A Commitment To Quality

“No one’s committed to your project like the people at American Structural. We work hard to ensure that all our resources are available and qualified to perform the job right from the beginning. Quality and safety are the number one priority in our company.”
Armando Salazar, President